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The mission of the Oneonta Soccer Club (OSC) is to foster the growth of youth, through the sport of soccer for individuals under the age of nineteen. We are responsible for the administration and management of mission-related activities. The organization is made up of volunteers; coaches, parent representatives, directors, and board members who share the same philosophy. They share a love for the game and what it can do for the children of our local community.

The Oneonta Soccer Club is registered through the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (for travel programs) and Soccer Association for Youth (for recreational programs) both of which are affiliates of the United States Soccer Federation. The Club administers/coordinates youth recreational leagues and travel soccer teams in the Greater Oneonta, New York area.



Oneonta has a deep rooted history and passion in the beautiful game of soccer. Stemming from the tremendous success of local college soccer teams in the late 60's and early 70's, the obsession for the game became cemented in Oneonta. The success of Oneonta State and Hartwick College men's soccer teams thrust the sport into the limelight of a small city in upstate New York. From 1974 through 1977 three of the four Hermann Trophy winners played soccer in Oneonta. In 1977 the Hartwick Men's soccer team won the NCAA Division I National Championship.

During this time, local service organizations began organizing recreational leagues for youth utilizing the talents of the local college players. Tapping into the hundreds of area youth participating in the recreational leagues, a travel soccer club was formed. In 1978, the Oneonta Soccer Club (OSC) was born and began competing against other area community clubs.

While the OSC was enjoying success as a travel program, another organization, The Oneonta Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) took over the mission of recreational soccer in the area. Incorporated in 1991, OYSA began to expand it's offerings for local youth. The OYSA currently sponsors the John Biggs Recreation League enjoyed by thousands of area elementary school children each Fall. The recreation Spring League offers kindergarteners through 5rd graders an opportunity to play even more.

In March 2003, the two organizations; OYSA and OSC, merged forces and incorporated under one entity. Under one umbrella the "new" Oneonta Soccer Club continues to grow with the help of local volunteer coaches, board members, parents and players support.



OSC is continually looking for motivated individuals to make a difference in the life of young adults in the Greater Oneonta Area. OSC is a nonprofit that actively seeks volunteers for involvement within our organization. Whether your level of volunteer commitment can be long term or for a few hours, we have a spot for you!


Become a Coach.

OSC is looking for coaches with a desire to mentor young adults of all ability levels in the game of soccer. OSC is committed to providing a positive learning atmosphere for all of our players. We believe the first step in this process is through a coach that loves and appreciates the game.

Become a Field Volunteer.

Many events take place at our campus throughout the Fall and Spring Seasons. The OSC is always in need of a helping hand with keeping the campus clean and pristine. Whether it is movement of goals between games or basic painting/sprucing of buildings and grounds, we have a spot for you.

Become a Fundraising Coordinator.

OSC is a not for Profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies upon fundraising to help maintain our programming. New ideas and support are greatly appreciated and help to provide a positive experience to the youth in The Greater Oneonta Area.

If you are interested in becoming a revitalizing force within the Oneonta Soccer Club please contact:

Please note:

  • All OSC volunteers working with our youth must pass a background check.

  • Volunteers working with travel soccer players must complete a bi-annual online application process through one of our parent organizations Mid-State Soccer League. Complete Online Application Here

  • Volunteers working with recreation soccer players must complete an annual application and submit to the leagues administrator. Print form here


Medical Release Form - Download (PDF, 31Kb)

Tuition Scholarship Application - Download (PDF, 143Kb)

College Scholarship Application - Download (PDF, 195Kb)

Coaches Form - Download (PDF,137Kb)

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