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The Academy is geared towards players who want to take their game to the next level prior to their school season. As we say at The Academy, "I'm willing to do today what others won't, so tomorrow I can achieve what others can't". This four day program is for all players who are playing in their Modified, JV or Varsity season.

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WHEN: August 19-22, 2024
WHERE: Wright National Soccer Campus
COST : $195/player registration fee (includes pinney), $10 early bird discount until 6/28, $15 OSC member discount, $10 discount for return players

For more information about the program please email the director at


Each day will focus on specific areas that include; technical training, situational training, offensive and defensive training, physical fitness, mental toughness and personal growth.


Each day will follow a routine schedule that begins with a simple skill and progressing to situational small sided play. Players will then have a break to engage in the Academy Mindset Program. This part of the program is meant to give players a chance to do some self-reflection about how they can engage the game differently through personal change. This will be followed by lunch, more mental training, alternative soccer play and then 7 v 7 scrimmage. Each day will also feature a theme and the week will end with a picnic lunch catered by a local restaurant.


The Academy is looking to elevate the game for all soccer players in the local area who want something more than the traditional camp-like experience.


Come to the Academy, and bring your "A" game.

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